Ken Krasner
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Coronavirus Updates

Please stay safe by practicing social distancing and other recommendations from Dr Fauci and your local officials.
As a realtor I am faced with the dual challenge of keeping our community safe while helping people with their housing needs.
Despite an understandable dip in general buyer/seller action in the last six weeks, I am still receiving inquires for rentals or buyers wanting to move into a community that has more breathing room than NYC. Some sellers are eager to keep the ball rolling because they are planning to move out of state or they went under contract before this crisis and must find a new home to purchase.
As of today and into the foreseeable future, new listings will be more virtual enabled, including digital brochures, video walk-throughs, and extra images such as utilities if buyer requests in addition to the usual photographs and information.
All interested buyers can review all digital assets with me and once the buyer is ready to visit the home I will tailor the showing process according to each home owner’s wishes.  I will provide extensive face-time or zoom showings as the next step in order to make a fully informed purchase decision.   In addition to being used for signing contracts, Docusign will be available for other document exchanges.  Most Inspectors are now providing services such as video conferencing in the event the buyer does not want to attend.
For all in-person showings as a buyer’s agent:
I will provide gloves and masks
I will access the key in the lockbox and open the front door
The client will walk through the home while I keep appropriate physical distance.
Sellers should leave all lights ON, all doors OPEN and ALL mechanicals viewable, so that clients do not touch anything while in the home.
I will instruct other buyers’ agents to do the same when visiting my listings and I will provide gloves and masks in the home to supplement whatever precautions the buyer’s agent takes.