Ken Krasner
Coldwell Banker Realty

Coronavirus Updates

Please stay safe by practicing social distancing and other recommendations from Dr Fauci and your local officials.
As a realtor I am faced with the dual challenge of keeping our community safe while helping people with their housing needs.
Since Covid, new listings are more virtually enabled, including digital brochures, video walk-throughs, virtual open houses and extra images such as utilities if buyer requests in addition to the usual photographs and information.
All interested buyers can review digital assets with me and once the buyer is ready to visit the home I will tailor the showing process accordingly.  In addition to being used for signing contracts, Docusign will be available for other document exchanges.  Some Inspectors now provide services such as video conferencing in the event the buyer does not want to attend.

For the buyers who wish to schedule an in-person showing in order to make an informed purchase decision, we have specific safety measures in place. 

  1. Buyer and Seller to sign COVID-19 disclosures prior to the showing
  2. Seller to leave all lights on, open some windows for ventilation and open all interior doors so that clients do not need to touch anything while in the home
  3. Buyer and Agent to arrive with their own gloves and masks. Booties will be supplied
  4. Agent to access the key in the lockbox and open the front door
  5. Ensure the practice of social distancing
  6. Questions, Answers & Discussion take place outdoors
  7. If arriving with young children, parents please alternate viewing home with one parent remaining in car with child
  8. Six people or less in home at a time and no overlapping in rooms
Sellers should leave all lights ON, all doors OPEN and ALL mechanicals viewable, so that clients do not touch anything while in the home.
I will instruct other buyers’ agents to do the same when visiting my listings and I will provide gloves and masks in the home to supplement whatever precautions the buyer’s agent takes.