You’re ready to buy a home that allows you to focus on the things you love…but where do you start?

You know buying a home is a big deal––you’ve done it before. But this time, it’s different.

When you’re selling your home and downsizing, you’re looking at two of the biggest financial transactions of your life. And they happen back-to-back.

These transactions are about simplifying your life––setting aside more time and money for travel, spending time with loved ones, enjoying our very full local event/arts calendars,  giving back to the community…freeing yourself to live life the way you want.

It’s time to shift your focus from maintaining a property to instead finding a home that checks the most important boxes on your wish list.

You deserve an expert advisor to guide you through the process.

Someone who understands this stage of your life and has experience successfully ushering people through this transition. Someone with expert negotiating skills to ensure you’re getting the best possible terms on your new investment.

This is why my clients have trusted me with over 100 transactions in Essex and Union Counties in the last several years.

This is your life savings on the line, so the numbers matter—but this is your life, too. So you matter.

Listening matters. Honesty matters. And a down-to-earth perspective matters.

You’ve worked hard for this moment and you deserve to start this new adventure with your best foot forward.

What to Expect with Ken Krasner Homes:

  • Initial Phone Call – We’ll take about 15 minutes together. We’ll cover what is next in your adventure, how I work with my clients, and if we are a fit, we’ll schedule your Strategic Home Search Consultation
  • Strategic Home Search Consultation – In a more detailed conversation, I will cover your goals and my strategy for securing your ideal property with the best possible terms. I also cover the specifics you need to know about focusing your search, financing, legal paperwork, and important market stats. I commit to work hard to maximize your home buying experience by providing: great negotiating skills, honesty, area expertise, and explanation of the process.  I map out a checklist of all the steps along the way for your convenience and are there for you for them all.
  • Next Steps – From day one, I keep you informed and taken care of (in writing & verbally). We kick things off with an Area Tour to help narrow your search. Then, in addition to focused, automated alerts, the relationships I’ve built over the past decade-plus mean I often can help you find off-market opportunities. 

We remain laser-focused on getting you what you really want...your ideal property for this new chapter, with the best possible terms—so you can focus on living your full life while my team coordinates the details. 

And when you’re in contract—congrats!—we switch gears to inspection, appraisal, municipal certificates, moving, utility switchovers and then closing.  I map it all out to provide as smooth a transaction as possible. 

Call now for your initial consultation @ 201-600-8141

We’ll take about 15 minutes together. We’ll cover what is next in your adventure, how I work with my clients, and if we are a fit, we’ll meet for your Strategic Home Search Consultation and set you up for success as you enter the next chapter of your life.

Call today @ 201-600-8141


Ken Krasner